May 19, 2021

With governments advising people against public gatherings, Halloween is definitely going to look different this year. I mean, at-home celebrations will become more imperative and that means Halloween-themed decorations will play an essential part in helping us get into the true spirit and mood of Halloween. If you are the crafty type, you can conjure up your own DIY decorations. Whether you are into scarecrows, ghoulish zombies, or natural cornstalks, Halloween offers a golden opportunity to bring out your spooky creative side. If you are not much into designing, we have curated a list of 5 Halloween decorations that you can use to bring your house in the spirit of the season.


Spook up the Front Porch

Even you will not be inviting friends or family over for this Halloween, people on the driveway will definitely notice your front porch. Therefore, you can give it the festive feel with colorful rugs, mums, lanterns, or pumpkins. For a spook-static feel, you can add a pair of gnarled faux trees wrapped in mini orange lights to cast a spell when the witching hour comes.


Make your house look abandoned

The best way to get into the Halloween spirit is by making your house look abandoned. But how? Well, there are several ways you can achieve this. For instance, you can make it look abandoned with spider web decorations, hanging toys ghosts, or dumping a few leaves on the entrance.

Besides this, you can also turn your house into a creepy deserted home. To do this, decorate your windows with artificial cobwebs and spiders. You can also apply broken glass stickers on your windows to emphasize the theme of Halloween. For your front porch, you can darken the lights or use yellow bulbs that inspire and bring out the true Halloween spirit. You can also temporarily hang your porch swing crookedly or even prop scraps of wood along your windows to create a boarded-up effect. If from will have already killed your summer flowers, gather these dead stems and arrange them in a spooky manner.

For an extra feel of spookiness, you can add flickering electric candles on your windows to conjure the exact feeling of a haunted and abandoned house.


Kid-Friendly Goblin House

Do you have children? If so, let them lend a hand with this crafty project. For a goblin house feel, paint or carve pumpkins to decorate your front porch. If you have used plastic drop clothes or bed sheets, you can use them to create white ghosts. If you don’t have that, you can create jack-o’-lantern scarecrows with goofy hats, straw, or old clothing. To up the decorations a notch higher, you can replace your front porch’s bulb with a black light or hang homemade decorations made from white papers at the front of your porch.

Your children can also help you make a Halloween tree using black and orange streamers, Halloween-themed ornaments, and strings of orange lights. Moreover, you can use battery-powered flickering candles and inflatable lawn decorations to up the spirit. For an extra Halloween feel, you can incorporate plastic dolls that appear disheveled, bloody, or imprisoned behind a fence. Dolls will always make your decorations look spooky since they look like tiny human beings in trouble.


Gory Scene

If you love tricking more than treating, there are several ways you can incorporate creepy law ornaments to spook and scare passersby. For instance, you can incorporate ghouls, skeletons, tombstones, rats, monsters, and spiders in your front porch or backyard. If you don’t have these, you can put up a scary scene using dolls, clothing, or old furniture. You can paint cardboards or scraps of wood to look like tombstones and hang these scary-looking figures from trees to scare people. Last but not the least, you can use scary sound effects or a smoke machine to creep out even the bravest souls.


Harvest House

Let’s face it! Halloween goes hand in hand with autumn scenery. Therefore, you can create a charming autumn scene with a few decorations. For instance, you can use corn stalks, bales of straw, pumpkins, scarecrows, corn, and gourds.


Bottom line

As Halloween nears, we all need to find ways that we decorate our homes to reflect the season. Even if the usual parties might not be possible under the current pandemic, you still have the chance to transform your home into a spooky Halloween-themed premises. With these 5 tips, you have the freedom to experiment and decide which best works for your home. Honestly, Halloween decorations ideas are countless so you should not shy away from throwing in your creativity into the decorations.



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