May 24, 2021

Halloween is almost here and that means it is time to get your camera ready for Halloween photography. Whether you’ve decided to take some themed shots before the actual day or are planning on an October 31st photoshoot, there is no doubt that you can always utilize some Halloween portrait ideas. In this post, we have curated a list of 5 Halloween portrait ideas so that you can capture the moment and specially enjoy the holiday.


Combine of colors and contrast


If you are planning for top-notch and spooky Halloween photography it is advisable to hire a professional makeup artist who will help you create the best photos and appropriate look. I don’t imply that it is difficult to make a spectacular DIY Halloween makeup. I mean, a professional makeup artist will help you achieve the spooky and scary look that you are looking for since they use special techniques to achieve a stunning Halloween-themed look.

With a professional makeup artist, you have the rare freedom to choose a wide array of Halloween-themed colors and contrast. Instead of just using white, you can create shadowy looks using dark colors such as black, gray, and maroon to create a spooky and scary-looking face. While making your face look spooky, don’t forget about your hair. I mean, make it as spooky as the image you have selected for your face to create an even spookier outlook.


Pick a Creepy Backdrop


If you have chosen to go for spooky shots on Halloween, choosing a creepy background is going to add a lot to the overall look of the portraits. Rather than using only one subject, you can set the scene. By this, I mean that you should look for a shooting spot that can be made to look spooky and scary. For instance, you can choose a rusty iron fence or an abandoned house.

Choose the right moment and location

Besides preparing your costume, it is imperative to figure out where and how the Halloween photo shooting is going to take place. Consider all the possible paraphernalia that you are going to use such as candles, pumpkins, lanterns, and brooms for witches. For the location, it is highly recommended to use scary and spooky colors such as black, gray, and orange. And since the end of October is sometimes punctuated with heavy rains, it is imperative that you choose a sunny day with enough light so that you can have high-quality portraits. On such sunny days, you can take a walk in a forest to identify spooky landscapes that will form the backdrop of your photos.


Use Props!


Regardless of what type of Halloween photography you have decided to take, props will come in handy. I mean, if you have decided to do a fun shoot, you can use a few pumpkins or dead leaves to bring out the Halloween mood. If you have chosen creepy shots, take your photography to the next step by using props such as skeletons and scarecrows to liven the Halloween temperament.


Halloween and Silhouettes Go Together Like Jelly and Peanut Butter


Let's face it! There is something about silhouettes that screams Halloween. Our brains have learned to associate the Halloween holiday with these types of images. I mean it’s a classic. You can easily recreate this in your home with your own version of silhouettes. I can assure you that it is going to be a perfect fit.


Flaunt Those Costumes

Halloween is the time to bring the animal and ghost features in ourselves. Therefore, you can seamlessly use them to your advantage. I mean, many of us love to act and are often less nervous around a camera when we feel like we are playing around. If you are the spooky type, search for spooky costumes that will bring the effect you love


Use Photo Editing to Your Advantage

If you have decided to go with a funky and creepy preset, you can completely transform your portraits and take Halloween photography to the next level. With photo editing, there is so much you can do with your digital photos. If you don’t have the know-how of editing your photos to reflect a Halloween temperament, we can help you achieve the look and feel that you want. At Grove Street Art, we not only give you Halloween portrait ideas but also help you achieve the spooky and creepy theme that Halloween is all about. Be sure to check our website to see what we can do for you.


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