May 17, 2021

If you look at family portraits, most of them look exactly the same.

People look bright and happy as if they live in a fairytale. Adding darkness into fairytales is what the art of Tim Burton is all about. His mixture of light and dark isn’t just about the colors, it’s about the parts of the story.

He somehow mixes depressing, scary elements with bright, happy themes and covers them in a veil of dreamy nightmare colors. This contrast of light and dark is Time Burton style art which can give us new family portrait ideas.

The art of Tim Burton is basically Gothic, and if you’d like to see how you would look like as Tim Burton’s characters, why not choose a custom family portrait that’s pretty much a Tim Burton drawing? When you think about making family portraits, cartoon portraits seem like a cool, original idea.

There are even more original family portrait ideas though, and they are inspired by Tim Burton style art also known as Burtonlesque. When you think about it, we are all weird, aren’t we? Even your family is strange in its own way, but there is something delightful about strange, weird characters, especially if you put them in a dark atmosphere.

A Tim Burton drawing looks like something from a nightmare, and a custom family portrait can look that way too. If you ever watched Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas you might get an idea of how cartoon portraits inspired by the art of Tim Burton might look.

Don’t forget about his movies though, and we see the same contract and nightmarish colors in many of them. What’s also very common in his work are big eyes and a dead-like Gothic appearance. What would your family look like if they were like the Adams family timburtonised? Nightmare cartoon portraits let you see it, frame it, and put it on your wall, or simply post it on your social media networks!

If you think that only Gothic couples like Tim Burton style art, you are terribly mistaken. Dark themes and scary stuff aren’t only for Goths, and they can even serve as decorations and precious family memories. After all, your family might be tired of pretending to be perfect, or you’re just two lovebirds who wanted a dark version of their wedding photo but had to accommodate the social conventions.

Whatever the case may be, Tim Burton style art is becoming more and more popular as the famous director, producer, and artist constantly makes new work and has a noticeable consistency in the dark aspects of it. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton style art, you might want a Tim Burton drawing but, even though he does make paintings, drawings, and other artwork, you might have trouble getting him to draw your family.

There are other artists who have adopted elements of Burtonlesque in their work and even make Gothic cartoon portraits and promote the Nightmare style of art that you can get a hold of. A lot of people are interested in these kinds of family portrait ideas during Halloween because they make a perfect gift or a decoration for this spooky holiday.

However, fans of Tim Burton style art are fans throughout the year, and they know that scary and dark things aren’t reserved only for one day in a year. In addition, the distinct visual aesthetic that Tim Burton has shown in most of his work has made it recognizable all around the world.

From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd to Dark Shadows, Beetlejuice, and Frankenweenie, this popular director has made it very clear what kind of characters interest him. They are strange, dark loners that are funny in a particular way. Yes, there’s a sense of humor in all that nightmarish world of the art of Tim Burton to which it might owe its popularity. Just because something is scary doesn’t have to mean that it can’t be fun too.

This is the message of Tim Burton, Halloween, and Nightmare family portraits because they all put a bit of humor into the Gothic waters turning the colors into a recognizable style of art. You don’t have to smile and pretend to be happy when you don’t feel like it. Maybe you just want to discover or express your dark side, and that’s perfectly fine.

It’s not something people judge you for anymore, and more and more people all across the Globe are accepting and growing to love the Tim Burton style art. This incredible director has been an inspiration to many artists who make the key elements of his style more accessible to anyone who enjoys it. The unusual, mysterious, dark, yet funny themes have finally got the reorganization and popularity they deserve, and so did this type of gift.

Ordering cartoon portraits inspired by the art of Tim Burton has never been easier. They have become the gift that actually surprises the recipients and gets them to like it. People used to feel different just because they’re not that into sunshine and birdsongs.

Now, they can enjoy the night and still hear the birds sing because Tim Burton style art connects the night and the day and makes them face each other and blend together, to a certain extent, while maintaining the obvious contrast between them. Of course, there are also those big empty eyes of his characters that are now adopted by amazing artists who add them to the artwork of Nightmares.

If you ever wondered how Nightmares are made, it’s in those combinations of colors Tim Burton style art is known for, and now we can even find it in family portraits. Maybe combining Nightmares and family sounds strange and funny to you, but that’s the essence of this style. It’s the contrast that makes this type of custom family portrait stand out from all the others, and even love can look dark and scary, yet somehow funny.

The captivating art of Tim Burton is spreading, and soon there won’t be a home without it. We are just making one small step toward bringing it to all families, and the rest is up to you. Order your timburtonised custom family portrait and be a part of the art style that will go down in history as a unique contribution to the dark-themed artwork.

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