May 13, 2021

Let’s face it! Halloween is almost here and pretty soon the streets to be filled with goblins, ghosts, and glittery fairies. Therefore, it is time to get your camera ready. I mean, Halloween is one of the most photo-worthy holidays. Between adorably spooky costumes, Tim burton drawings, pumpkin patches, and rich fall colors, there is no doubt that Halloween is a photographer's dream. Most of the photos that you might take this Halloween could be mystical and spontaneous moments. Even so, it pays off to plan ahead. For instance, if you love spooky photography, you can plan for a custom family portrait inspired by Tim Burton style art.


Shoot Through transparent Fabrics to Create Tim burton style art spooky Silhouettes

To take a Tim Burton style art photo, you can use a light diffuser or any other light and soft fabric like large sheets of paper or curtains to produce abstract spooky and ghostly silhouettes. This is one of the easiest ways to make Halloween photography look and feel creepy. For the best results on this technique, shoot your photos against a bright light source. The brighter the source is, the more the silhouette is going to stand out.

If you would like to go a step further, you can get a professional to turn your custom family portrait into a truly inspired Halloween Tim Burton drawing. This way, you get to keep a digital spooky and ghostly photo that you and your family can enjoy. Moreover, you’ll have the freedom to share it with friends since the photo will be digitized.


Transform your family portraits into Tim burton style art

Typically, Halloween is always associated with ghosts. Therefore, you can advantage of this theme and take family portraits that can be converted into Tim burton drawings. Some companies have specialized in Tim Burton style art so you can always transform your custom family portraits into spooky and ghostly images even if they were not taken under spooky conditions. This way, you can even create a Halloween-inspired album that you and your friends can enjoy during and after the season.


Take Photos in Abandoned Places and houses to set a spooky mood

If you are lucky enough to be near an abandoned house, you have the rare freedom to take very spookily and Halloween-oriented photographs. To reflect a spooky Tim burton style art, take your photographs when it is gloomy or cloudy. However, make sure that there is enough light so that you can sharply photograph your subject. The best time to take such a picture is during the blue hour to produce that perfect haunted blue effect. The most important thing is finding a location that complements a spooky Halloween haunted vibe.

Shoot from Unusual Angles to Catch Viewers’ Attention

The more you shoot from unusual angles, the spookier and ghostly your photos will look. This is due to the simple fact that people are used to seeing photos from particular angles. When photographing a group of people, try shooting from a low angle. This will make them look scarier and bigger. It is not advisable to shoot above your subjects else they are going to look very small.

For an extra twist, you can try shooting from a distance to capture your subjects and their surroundings. The less their faces are visible, the spookier your Halloween photography will be. For an eerie and distorted effect, use a camera with a wide-angle lens to get to your subject as close as possible.


Use Limited Light to create a spooky and Haunted Atmosphere

Without a doubt, Halloween is all about low light. Therefore, it is possible to take sharp nighttime photos as long as you have the right equipment. To simulate the haunted experience, you can use candles, torches, or lamps. To avoid shaky pictures, mount your camera on a tripod and use a remote to take the pictures from a distance. If you would rather use natural light, you can take your pictures near a window but make sure that no other light sources are around. Soft natural light is going to make your subjects face visible

In such a situation, everything else is going to naturally fade into the dark creating an elegant transition. Moreover, don’t shy away from experimenting with unusual lighting techniques. And since Halloween photography is not so much about beauty, you can play around with dark shadows as much as you want.


DE saturate Your Photos to Make Them Look Scarier

If you go online and lookup for Halloween photos, you will quickly notice that they are not colorful. The older a photo looks, the spookier it is. If you want inspiration for Tim Burton style art, we've got you covered. If certain colors stand out too much, we use selective editing tools to remove them. This makes your Halloween photos look more spooky and flattering.


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