May 31, 2021

Custom spooky style pet portraits!

Let's face it! Halloween is a popular time to photograph your furry friends so that you can create memories that you will cherish forever. Even better, the season coincides with fall which is punctuated with changing leaves and comfortable temperatures making it an ideal season to photograph or draw your pets. Taking pet photographs can be a challenge but the reward of having a good portrait of your 4 legged family member is worth it. Anyone can take a Halloween-themed photograph of their pet. It just requires the know-how and patience. In this post, we have curated a list of the reasons that you need to photograph your pets and tips on how to do it. But first, why do you need aCustom spooky style pet nightmare portrait? Well, the reasons are many. But first and foremost…


To decorate your home with spooky photos of your pet

As Halloween nears, we are all preparing for how we will be decorating our houses. Besides pumpkins and spooky costumes, we should not forget that pets are part of our homes. Therefore, it is important to include them in the celebrations. If you have the know-how of pet photography, you can photograph them in Halloween-themed costumes because they are part of the family. If you would like to take the photography a notch higher, you can order a Custom spooky style pet nightmare portrait from us. You can print the digital art on a canvas or use photo frames to decorate your house with spooky photographs of your pet this Halloween. If you would like to do it yourself, here are tips on how to photograph your pets this spooky season.


Tips to take scary and spooky photographs of your pet this Halloween



Custom spooky style pet nightmare portrait

If you are not a good photographer and you want an exciting Halloween-themed portrait of a pet, you can have a custom and spooky portrait of them. However, you will have to consult a specialist who is well versed in the act of drawing spooky and creepy photographs. This way, you will have long-lived memories with your furry friends since you can print such photos on a canvas or frame them to decorate your house this Halloween.


Spooky Costumes

As we all know, costumes are a big part of Halloween. Therefore, it will be expedient to include scary and spooky costumes as you photograph your pet. If they are not used to wearing them, try getting them accustomed a few hours before the actual photography begins. I mean, give your pet the time to get comfortable in the costume so that it will be easier to photograph them. And since animals can be a bane, it’s imperative that you be patient and wait for the best moment to capture your furry friend. If it is the first time your pet I wearing a customer, be sure to keep it simple. For instance, you can create a Halloween collar for your dog with colorful fabric and a little bit of Velcro.


Good Lighting

Sufficient lighting is the backbone of all good photographs. If you are taking indoor photos, try not to use a flash and shoot the photo in a well-lit area. For instance, this can be near a door or window. Try keeping bright light behind you and at the front of your subject to illuminate its eyes. The idealist light for Halloween photography should be soft. This implies between dark shadows and bright sunlight.


Your (scary) camera lens

Some animals can be scared by the sight of a camera lens which often looks like a big eye staring back at them. In case your pet runs away at the sight of a camera lens, give him time to get over the fears or try using a phone camera.



It is highly advisable not to manipulate your pet to pose too much trying to get him to do something because you think it will be a good photo. Most probably, this won't work and will end up stressing your furry friend. Instead, coax them to get into the right pose with something like such as toys or treats. To get them into the desired position, hold a treat or toy above the lens. If you hold it in another position, he or she will look away. If this doesn’t work, try using funny but not scary noises to get their attention.




If costumes aren't your thing or your pets dislike them, a spooky and fantastic background will help you get the Halloween-themed photos you are looking for. If you've already decorated your house for Halloween, the stage is already set and you can take photographs of your pet anywhere in the house.



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