June 10, 2021

The famous director that influenced my work the most is, of course, Tim Burton and there are many reasons to love his style of art.

His movies always amaze and inspire me no matter how many times I watch them. They remind me that it’s okay to be a little different and that there’s something beautiful in things that usually scare us.

For a long time, I have been a fan of horror movies, but I never found any of them especially amusing, until I discovered that scary elements can be a part of a different kind of story, which purpose isn’t to scare you but entertain you, make you think and make you care about the characters. Here are the biggest reasons I love Tim Burton:

Tim Burton style of art

I already wrote extensively about Tim Burton style of art and how it influenced Nightmare Portraits, but this style is also one of the biggest reasons I love Tim Burton.

There is something in the colors of his work that makes it look like it’s something from a Nightmare, but the same can be said about the incredible stories that make us care about weird characters.

Tim Burton style of art has influenced many fans who try to adopt scary elements into their work, and I think Nightmare Portraits are a successful example. Recognizable big eyes and dark atmosphere are only two of many aspects of Tim Burton style of art, but they are the most noticeable ones.

What makes it really stand out from the rest is the contrast between fairytale and nightmare, which can be clearly noticed when weird characters are placed next to those who would be considered normal.

Of course, there is also humor in all that darkness that makes it really shine but let’s get right to the point – the weird characters we care so deeply about.  

Weird characters

From Edward Scissorhands to Corpse Bride, Tim Burton’s movies and cartoons are known for weird main characters. There’s something about those who are dark, mysterious, and weird that he seems to love, but it’s the dose of humor that makes all of us care for them as much as he does.

These weird characters always seem to want to be normal and fit in, but they are so clearly different from the rest that it’s obviously not going to work. Despite being damaged, and maybe even dead inside, these characters are beautiful in their own way, and maybe the point is that people shouldn’t judge you just because you look a little different and aren’t exactly like them.

These weird characters are often socially awkward even though they try to fit in, so I guess the message is that fitting in is sometimes impossible no matter how hard you try, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will hate you.

They’ll have to accept you or leave you alone in your own world where things make sense to you, and you feel like you belong.

Gothic elements and romance

Dark things have always intrigued humankind and gothic culture is about embracing that darkness and finding beauty and even romance in it.

While Tim Burton style of art is not the same as the gothic style, it almost never goes without gothic elements as well as things that are downright scary. What’s interesting to notice is the romance in Tim Burton’s work.

Despite all that darkness and spookiness, there is still love and a particular kind of love to be precise. This is most noticeable in Sweeny Todd, which is basically a horror musical, but just look at how many love stories are going on behind all that murder.

The love stories in Sweeny Todd’s life and those in Johanna’s are different though, and we can see both the happy love and the love that ends in pain.

Strange humor

As I said, there are many reasons I love Tim Burton, but the strange humor might be the biggest one. No matter how weird or dark the movie is, if Tim Burton has directed it, you can bet that it will be funny in a strange way.

This strange humor is what makes me watch his movies over and over again. Even a vampire can be funny, and when Tim Burton works with Johnny Depp you can rest assured that he will be.

Even when they are not trying to be funny, these weird characters that we grew to love make us laugh and root for them. If anyone can make us like a bad guy, it’s Tim Burton, and he does this by making the bad guy interesting and amusing.

We can’t mention the strange humor without giving some credit to Johnny Depp as well, so let’s get to the last but not the least of the biggest reasons I love Tim Burton.

The golden trio

While I often write about Tim Burton, I can’t neglect to mention how well the golden trio works when they work together. Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Charter have worked together on several movies, and they were an incredible team.

They have amazing separate work, but when they work as a team they truly create magic. If I ever see a movie with these three again, I am going to know that it’s good before even finding out what it’s about.

Putting Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Charter together in front of a camera was a great move, but even the movies directed by Tim Burton that feature just Johnny Depp are incredible.

These two guys really seem to get what I like, especially when there’s a great actress with them. Hopefully, they will make more movies together, and I’m definitely going to keep watching all their separate work as well.

Another Sweeny Todd would be great but even if this famous director abandons his style of art, I’ll still have plenty of reasons to love Tim Burton, the man who keeps inspiring me and making me fall in love with his weird characters, gothic elements, and strange humor.



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