May 31, 2021

Spooky Halloween decorations

Decorating a home for Halloween to some brings even more joy than decorating a Christmas tree. You could even say that Halloween is the nightmare before Christmas where all the spooky things come to life so that we can celebrate what we are afraid of, and make it fun. You need to put as much effort into decorations as you would for any other major holiday, if not more. Kids love Halloween, but spooky Halloween decorations are a lot of fun for adults too.

Naturally, you are going to need all the pumpkins, bats, and skeletons that you can find to scare those trick-or-treaters, but let’s start with them knocking on your door.

1. Scary Halloween door decorations

Your door is the most important part of Halloween, so even if you’re not that into decorating your home, you’re going to need scary Halloween door decorations. Of course, a hanging skeleton is a classic, but a Nightmare portrait of your family is a great way to let the trick-or-treaters know about the scary family that’s going to give them candy. Plus, you can still hang the skeleton as well!

Add carved pumpkins with lighted candles inside them near the door, and you are ready to be trick-or-treated! Not enough? How about adding some spider webs on your Nightmare portrait to really make it stand out? Spiders and bats are always your friends when it comes to scary Halloween door decorations, so feel free to run wild!

If you, by any chance, own a black cat or an old rocking chair, this is the time when you really need them on your front porch. Toss some tree branches all around it, and don’t forget how easy it is to make a ghost out of old sheets. Buy a spooky doormat, and your door is all set for Halloween.

2. Spooky Halloween table decorations

Before we get to the spooky Halloween decorations that you had in mind, do you consider foods and drinks as spooky Halloween decorations? If no, why not? You can make amazing Halloween cookies or even turn wieners into bloody fingers and boiled eggs into bloody eyeballs. Decorate your table with an orange Halloween punch and Halloween glasses.

Before you place these things on your table though, cover it with a tattered black tablecloth. You can use black sheets - just cut ragged edges, and you have yourself a great Halloween tablecloth. If you want to really make a dark atmosphere, cover the chairs with old white sheets - preferably the ones that have holes in them, and place a fake skull and an Edgar Allen Poe book on the table. Add white candles and glasses with red wine. You can even make it look like there’s blood dripping down the white candles by lighting red candles and letting the wax drip over the white ones.

Dim the lights and toss some bugs and spider webs around. Don’t forget to use any dead flowers that you can find, and if you have some weird objects like a broken child’s toy or an old doll’s leg, put them on display in a big glass jar filled with green water (add green dye). It will look even better if you also add a few fake eyeballs and dead flowers into the jar.

3. Nightmare wall decorations for Halloween

You can’t have a table that is perfectly set for Halloween and forget about the walls. Do you have any spooky paintings? A Nightmare portrait of your family would be a great decoration for your wall, especially if you hide all the other paintings by covering them with a white cloth.

Leave some paintings that are safely framed behind glass because you can put fake blood on that glass and easily clean it later. You can even leave some empty frames hanging, just tilt them a little or make it look like the painting was ripped.

One of the rules of spooky Halloween decorations is again, spider webs, spider webs everywhere. Making your home look like it’s abandoned and hunted is a great way to celebrate Halloween.

If you happen to have an old rusty birdcage, make sure that the door is open and leave it somewhere near the walls or hang it from the ceiling and you can toss around some other interesting stuff that you have that looks strange. Any lamps that you might have can be improved by taping a small bat or a spider toy inside them, just make sure that it’s away from the light bulb.

4. Indoors spooky Halloween decorations

You can take some orange balloons and paint scary faces on them. Toss them around the place, and they’ll look great, especially if you also have pumpkins as your indoors spooky Halloween decorations.

Need something in your flower pots? Use tree branches and stick them in the pots. Don’t forget that you can make ghosts out of helium balloons, you just need to paint the black eyes, nose, and mouth to make it look like a carved pumpkin and cover it with white see-through cloths.

On Halloween, you can also make use of your old brooms by placing them inside or using them as scary Halloween doors decorations. If witches have parked their means of transportation in front of your door, make it obvious! Put a skeleton on a chair and prepare lanterns for outside, where you’ll find more spooky Halloween decorations.

5. Outdoors scary Halloween decorations

Cover the ground with old fall leaves and toss some old boots in the dirt. You can even make it look like the boots are emerging out of big piles of leaves and dirt so that it looks like there’s a body there.

Do you want to make it really dark and scary? Add tombstones to your lawn and make sure that one of them is especially crooked or even falling over. Cover the trees with spider webs and maybe even place a raven or an owl on a branch that sticks out.

Don’t forget about the scary scarecrow because it’s one of the spooky Halloween decorations that you just can’t neglect.

Add a few buckets of dead flowers, hang a ghost somewhere, and don’t forget about the windows of your home. They should look dirty, and you might even want to place a mannequin dressed in a formal dark red or black dress inside so that it looks like someone’s watching through the window all the time. You can either have no drapes or use old or themed ones.

If you have an attic window, it’s the perfect place for your mannequin, I just can’t guarantee that trick-or-treaters will be brave enough to knock on your door if you use all of these spooky Halloween decorations! Use the ones you like best, make sure to have a Nightmare portrait in a visible place and enjoy your favorite holiday!




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